Software Support and Maintenance Process

  • A single software support and maintenance plans from Webner covers Software Maintenance, day to day technical assistance with the software you use, software Development and Server Administration for you.
  • You do not need to make payment on this support site. You can register for free and someone from our team will connect with you within 12 hours of your registration with the details of invoice and to activate your plan. We accept payments through Paypal or Bank Wire Transfer (ACH is also available but within USA only).
  • Dedicated developer(s) with experience in the technologies in which your projects are built will be assigned to your projects. For infrastructure a system admin will be assigned to manage and implement the best practices to keep your infrastructure in good health. You will be connected with the resources who will work on your tasks and you can have regular meetings with them.
  • You can use the plan hours for meetings, development of new software, maintenance/changes in existing software, hosting & infrastructure maintenance, technical assistance, bug fixes, software testing, documentation, internet research or any other software activity. Each hour used will be logged in this support system under your support plan and you will receive an email with the details of the task and hours consumed. In this way you can always keep track of your plan hours.
  • Plan hours do not carry forward beyond expiry date except if you renew the plan before plan expiry.
  • Webner software development team works from Mon to Fri - 4.00 am GMT to 2.00 pm GMT.